Womans Place UK is currently trying to champion the cause of getting local government departments to correct their policies and make them compliant with The Equality Act 2010. The thrust being that of the 9 charactistics, many orgnisations refer to “gender” and not “sex”.

The Dictionary Definition

There is an Oxford English Dictionary distinction of course – sex is about biology and gender social interaction.

There is of course the TERF (trans exclusionary radical feminist) agenda.

To many people there is of course little or no difference in the terms to most people, it is merely semantics.

Language change on a social level to reflect evolutions in identity.

However, with an agenda of discrimination against trans women, held together by fear that all men are potential sexual predators, sexual and physical abusers, and able and willing to commit crimes against women at anytime, anywhere – and the belief that trans women are men.

Real Fear or Simple Ignorance and Hatred?


The fear is partially based on statistics. We can call these facts to make is simpler. Most sexual and physical crimes against women are by men. We also have cases of trans women committing these crimes against women. I understand the fear. These crimes also rarely happen is public places where people gather or any single or mixed genders/sexes.

But what I don’t understand is the belief. The binary statements that there are only two genders, two sexes. Science says otherwise. This is fear through ignorance (or hatred) – and I simply don’t subscribe to it.

Changing things from gender to sex will have little or no impact – legally they are right on the wording, but the reality is it will simply highlight the hateful and ignorant behavior of these people to the organisations they are trying to ‘win’ over.

Systems don’t record gender and sex differently – they are one and the same.

The impact on services provided by local government will not change because of this ridiculous request – that wastes time and tax payers money. My money, our money – money that could be used to provide better services to women (including men and non-binary people).

And yes, trans women are women. Just as trans men are men. It’s really isn’t that difficult to understand.

It’s All About Self Identification

In any future change in the law around GRC it will be still be illegal to ask to produce a GRC. Other means of declaring gender or sex such as passport or driving license – that don’t require a GRC – will still be accepted. Of course this isn’t quiet self declaration but the bar is lower than the faceless, nameless panel that inspect the trans persons history before they grant them the ‘right’ to identify as the gender they truly are. Even if someone has a self-declared GRC it is highly unlikely they are going to produce this as the means of identifying their gender or sex anyway – and that isn’t going to stop them using gendered spaces.

The proposal of self-identification process for a GRC is not for them (TERF CIS people) – it’s for trans people.

In short, the battle is already lost for the TERFs, so I’m in two minds to write off to few councils myself to speed up the process of these small minded people been seen as the small minded, self righteous, hateful people they are.

I am not worried, just sad that people can’t see beyond their fear and find love for others.