With the Conservatives have now turned on their star player. Their star player delivered them Brexit back in June 2016, it was then a further three years of messing about before it could be executed on. And only in 2019 that the star player, Dominic Cummings, could be brought publicly back on to the field.

Cummings is an advisor, in short a consultant. A gun for hire. His mission, with his unique talents, to execute the vision. Ideally like any consultant, where their own principles align with their master (in this case Boris Johnson) they are most effective.

Principles are at the heart of this. Cummings is a very principled man. Principles I don’t agree with – but he does have them and he sticks to them, rigidly.

His number one principle is not adhering to rules that shouldn’t apply to him. We have seen this with the EU, his views on the civil service, and most recently re-writing the rules on lock-down. One rule for you “plebs” and the one rule for me. With nothing to lose – he’s always right with his superior (sounds a bit like Trump, but I suspect at least a bit smarter).

COVID19 has provided a very global crisis, but one that has to be managed on a very national level. You would think the perfect opportunity to pull the broken UK together in a time of crisis, and enable us to forget about the EU cliff edge coming up.

However, Cummings (along with the government) is not about bringing people together for the good of everyone – for all the British people – but for Britain, the nation and for the idealists and elitists. Ignorant on the impact on the real people and their very obvious and desperate needs.

I acknowledge the unprecedented support for businesses, employees and the self-employed the government has and is providing, however, in a nation where everyone is ‘in this together’ everyone really does have to be in this together from the very top to the very bottom. If you are preaching, you need to be practising.

Cummings is just a man who defines himself by what he does. He looks after himself (and his family) first. He’s the first person I would expect to break the rules, after all, he is not leading from the front – he never has and never will – he’ll always be the smart person pulling strings, a puppeteer, and playing games to push forward his agenda and the agenda of his paymaster (whoever they maybe).

Just like last time he has been caught red-handed, and like his Brexit shenanigans it is all a little too late. With zero consequences for his lies and misinformation.