I worked with the MOJ (Ministry of Justice) for about 20 months – witnessing first-hand the slow pace of change, the lack of accountability, revolving doors for senior civil servants, programmes coming and going, wasting of money with external and outsourced providers.

I’m confident that the MOJ is just a reflection of all the other government functions, bodies, quangos, and agencies that serve our country and are under the control of HM Government.

I’d like to think I did some really good work there; I know I did. But it was political, there were backstabbing colleagues, and ultimately there is little cultural and strategic change that can take place – in no small part due to our UK political system ebbing and flowing.

The last few weeks in the UK has complete and utter turmoil. I do often wonder who runs the country – the government of the financial marketing. There are two many people relying on UK plc – of course from the very wealthy, hedge fund mangers, and of course the pension schemes (that look after ‘the peoples’ money) all looking for stability and growth. I don’t hide the fact I have moved from right leaning to left leaning political views. From a raving Tory in the 2000’s to voting Corbyn in 2019 (I’m not that left leaning but needs I thought to avoid Johnson). The tipping point in my politics being the Brexit Vote – and lacklustre approach and ultimate result by Cameron and failure to overt our isolation by May, and of course Trump ruling over the United States.

It was after when I had worked in the MOJ, but also that experience, that enabled me to vote for the unvotable Corbyn – knowing that no matter what, the civil service would shoulder the burden, step in, slow things down, prevent any real crisis. And although we’ve had several crisis of late – from COVID to the latest financial challenges from Truss and Kwarteng – the unshakeable, unchangeable Civil Service is there – plodding along, doing the right thing. Maybe a little late, maybe a little overbudget, maybe a little bit sarcastically, but they – the civil service and those civil servants are like an unmoving mountain.

Thank goodness for the civil service.