It wasn’t quite from Maynard Keynes said, but serves as a good benchmark for what we should expect of people, especially of people in power.

Right now people are clinging to a fact, that over 3 years ago 52% of the population voted to leave the EU. Some of the facts shared by the Leave (and Remain) campaign where proved incorrect, in short, lies for votes.

Another fact is that British membership of the EU is very emotive. The consquences of leaving the EU to many people doesn’t matter over job security, recession, worse healthcare, travel restrictions and many other areas this will affect British people in the UK and living abroad. The unwavering belief that Britain will be a greater power alone, than together in the EU.

And we are likely to be more alone. The United Kingdom (let’s be clear the UK is Britain and Northern Ireland; Britain being England, Scotland, Wales and various outposts). Very real threats of Ireland uniting and Scotland becoming independent. While people see leaving the EU as making the UK more independent and more influential, the breaking up the United Kingdom makes us weaker and more inconsequential. Will it happen?

The number of spinning plates around Brexit mean we are not in control of a nation. It means we are weaker now than ever before. Incoherent government for over 3 years, parliment divided, public divisions and leaders wanting to die on a cross to prove they can finish the job they started.

A job that will have little effect on them personally. No financial loss, and the upside being documented in the history book. This is Boris’s WWII moment, but unlike WWII, it won’t end a war, it will start one.