Earlier in Trump’s Presidency I read a brilliant article on Trump and his ways of working. Attack. Attack. Attack. Deny. Deny. Deny. And repeat.

We all know he’s a bully, sexist, racist, nepotistic and so many other odious things. But he’s also idealised by half the Americans. Why? Because they want to be him! They want to have his wealth, his women, his confidence and candour. It’s the American dream right? Sadly it is. Little compassion, apart from your nearest and dearest.

Trump has something else that enables him to get back up. And repeat the process. Attack. Deny. He has the ability to reframe things in his mind. What happened, never happened. It was never like that. No. It was like this. I never meant it that way. Even with overwhelming evidence.

His supporters don’t know care. They just want the American Dream. If he can behave like that, so can I. The difference that many of the Capitol Hill rioters are just finding out is they will end up in court, in jail – because they are not the American Dream yet – they have little money for good lawyers. With money you can be a bully, sexist, racist, nepotisms, a rioter – because money buys your freedom.

A Trump supporter sharing the genius of Donald J Trump.

And Trump. It’s not over. He’s just quieter with his megaphone muted. Which is a mistake – people need to be able to express themselves – but they also need to be called out (Twitter and Facebook where finally doing that on his Tweets, just not strongly enough).

He’ll be back? No, he’s not even gone. It’s just the same playbook, get ready for the repeat.