I wrote a blog back in September 2017 (Trump’s Playground War On North Korea) about these two love birds and their public falling out. I compared it to the school play ground – and things haven’t got any better with the ridiculous nature of their relationship. Now best of friends – the bullies have come to the conclusion that neither is going to win, and that regardless of how much bad they have done in the world to their people/employees/suppliers – what serves their best interests to become trusted besties.

Trusted friends is fantastic – but you can only become trusted friends when you have built this on integrity, respect and of course a history of positive actions. Neither party has. This is simply two people with incredible power and authority – making decisions that is in their own personal interests, and nobody elses.

For Trump, anyone can strike a great deal – it’s easy to sell anything “below cost” – but hey it’s not his problem (it’s not his asset). World peace only lasts until the next war, but it makes a great tweet today. Peace requires trust and hard work, not rhetoric, bullshit and firm hand shake.

Kim of course has nothing to lose. A failed nuclear programme and despised my the majority of the “sane” world – this is a gift. Meeting the leader of the most powerful nation in the world, and getting concessions for doing what? Nothing.

Kim rules over a nation of starving people (Trump has said in previous #tweets), who are forced to idolise him because of his heritage (and power). The Dictator.

Trump rules of a nation of many people who live in fear of failing the “American Dream” – any of which could easily end up staving should their health or prospects fail them. A ‘wanna be’ Dictator who wants to ‘Make America Great Again’ by denying those in need, by having policies (national and international) that make the rich richer, and the poor dead.

I am confident that this will not end well – and it certainly won’t be the “deal” Trump is bragging about – as it’s already starting to unravel.

But, I do hope their sex was good. I wonder who was on top?