The recent comments made by Hammond can not simply be brushed off as being (or trying to be) funny. Unconscious or otherwise he crafted homophobia and targetted the LGBT community specifically.

This is different to saying something is ‘gay’ where the intent (is often) not aimed at the LGBT community, but just immature. Yes it shouldn’t be used in this way – I am not condoning it. And if Hammond had said this he would have also being lambasted and I suspect more so.

But what he did say was that ‘straight’ people don’t do certain things because they are not gay. That straight people are some how better, more superior, a better more masculine class of people (men). Reversing the argument says so much more and has a more powerful and negative message than saying ‘that’s so gay’. Why is it more powerful, because the message is specifically and only about sexuality with no room ambiguity.
“I don’t eat ice cream. It’s something to do with being straight.”
The phrasing then doubles the effects for LGBT people who often don’t even identify as ‘gay’ – but we certainly don’t identify as ‘straight’.
If you didn’t think he and his ‘mates’ where idiots before, then you should now. These are not the role models I want for my world.
Straight Ice-cream