It’s positive that another great establishment has been ‘outed’ for harboring child abusers – pedophiles. And brave people stepping forward to admit something happened to them, that simply was not their fault.

But we must not forget that most child sexual abuse happens in families. Farther, Uncles, Grandfathers, family friends, and occasionally even some women.

ericThe recent story about Eric Bristow being slammed (and fired) for what he ‘tweeted’ is also a reflection on attitudes towards the LGBT community. It is specifically directed at gay men, but also lesbian, bi-sexual, trans and non-binary people. Gay men are not pedophiles. Pedophiles, and they come in all shapes and sizes, and all are deceitful and predatory. Bristow’s comments come from ignorance and stupidity, but they are also held by large number of people.

eric-picThe ignorance on one level could be understood. When you confuse boys with men.

The irony of this for me. When the racing, the snooker, the football, or the darts with Eric Bristow was on the television on a Saturday afternoon. This was the opportunity that my grandfather had to abuse me. I didn’t know any better. I did know it was wrong. I knew this because I was told by him never to tell anyone.

Tearing families apart is a temporary thing. It brings them together and prevents the future sexual abuse. Not talking about, sweeping it under the carpet is simply condoning the abuse.

This bring me onto something else. Chelsea FC and Gary Johnson. The story here is they paid Johnson £50,000 and a gagging order to keep quiet about the groom at the club. I simply don’t know where to start on this. Firstly, I am so angry. How can someone so selfishly accept ‘hush’ money from their position of influence. The abuser long since dead (died in the late 80’s) – gets away with it (again). Many children who he also abused got nothing but a lifetime of mental health issues (and nothing else to show for it), and club can be now smug in the fact they weren’t the only ones in harboring these abusers for so long and turning a blind eye to what was going on.

The whole thing is rotten from top to bottom – and they say football is a religion (yet more irony).



Eric Bristow

Gary Johnson