It was date night on two Saturday’ ago. We’d booked a table for 7pm. It was a new restaurant to us and we both love Italian food – what could go wrong (sorry about the spoiler title).

Arrived just before 7pm, it was clear at the start that things weren’t going to plan. It all seemed a bit chaotic – that’s OK – it’s busy Saturday and we got seated 15 minutes later. Then the waiting. Finally the drinks got ordered, then the food. Then the wait. The drinks arrived, the starters late(r).

We got chatting to people around us – they were also waiting very long times for their food. The kitchen staff where banging the bell loudly and repeatedly for ‘service’. The manager wondered around, telling various tables including ours that food wouldn’t be long “3 minutes”. Fifteen minutes later one below average pizza arrived that looked like it had juts be shoved on a plate (you can tell when sauce is actually under the pizza!). Five minutes later the second pizza arrived. It wasn’t great food – if this is the taste of authentic Italia I can assure you can any chilled supermarket pizza can also claim the same.

At this point were where done. Nearly one hour forty minutes, we decided to leave. We hadn’t finished. Poor services and poor quality food. I envied the tables that had already left. We got up to pay at the central area where the manager patrolled. I shared the feedback that it wasn’t great. The manager was disappointed to hear this and blamed his team, and called me cheap when I asked for a discount. He was not taking any responsibility. A waitress nearby apologies for how he was talking to us. He told her to be quiet and not to apologise (there is an entire blog I could write on leadership about this person – but it’s not worth it)

Resigned to pay the bill and leave, never to return.

The moment my card had the payment taken he began. Demanding we got out immediately. Tell us both he thought we were trouble the moment we arrived! We were heading to the door, but as he did he spoke to my girlfriend directly. “You’re ill”.

“What do you mean by that?”

“You’re ill.”

She asked “What do you mean by that?” several times. I started filming.

He didn’t answer any and ignored the question.

We left.

We all know what he meant.

I won’t describe the reaction my girlfriend had outside. It is something nobody should feel.

We got home and reported it to the police. They contact us back on Sunday. Then Monday. All promising to get in touch directly with the manager. So far, over a week later they haven’t.

The consequence for this manager and his business (apart from my one star google review) is zero – and he’s got £45 of our money!

So will he be abusive and homophobic again? Of course he will.