I was saddened by the protest against trans people at London Pride – first, my anger was at the organisers for enabling these people to share their hatred. They could have done more, they should have done more. And they have apologised. These attacks within the LGBTQ+ community do happen, but rarely so publicly.

My real anger is towards the women who protested. Jealous and delusional at best, at worst bigoted, ignorant and hateful.

Delusional (of trans women)

I try to take their argument apart – I read their leaflet. It makes little sense and has the production value of a young child let loose on etch a sketch.

If I understand it, they believe that all trans women have penises? And all trans women want to rape cis-women (lesbians) with the said penis? That’s also not true.

It’s difficult to understand the thinking and logic. The Twitter examples provided being the source of truth, apparently.

Jealous (of trans men)

The other part of their hatred for trans people is the belief that ‘butch’ lesbians are being forced to transition. They are not allowed to be ‘butch’ women anymore, even though they want to be.

Last time I checked on reality, people had choices. Trans people have to wait a long time to received healthcare, longer to transition. Nobody is being forced to do anything.

This seems like a case of either “one doth protest too much” – or sticking your nose in where it’s not needed or wanted. Maybe a case of losing friends because they have transitioned. Let me be clear, you lose friends when you treat them badly – I suspect they did.

Selfish People, Selfish Ideals

I really feel for trans people, but right now I also feel it for the lesbians who have been tarnished by these nasty people who want to take the ‘L Out’. I have many lesbian friends, mostly cis, but some trans – they are all wonderful and supportive of trans people and their rights to live successful, happy and fulfilling lives.

Together, as LGBTQ+ people we are stronger – actions from this minority of people bring us together more closely as we refuse to be torn apart from the inside.