It’s interesting times. The world around me seems to be falling apart. British and international politics is chaos. Reporters murdered in broad daylight. Hate crime rising. Climate change upon us, with no strategy or agreement. Democracy being eroded. So many unknowns. Unable to see truths from the lies.

Fear, turning to hate. Polarisation. No common ground or thinking.

I cried for the first time ever at work last week. Unable to process the anxiety from the ‘public attacks’ on me, for simply living.

It’s a time when people, just want hide under a duvet.

I know it hurts, because it hurts. But now is the time for us to not hide, and not stop – but to start to do something better. Do something positive and stop the tide of fate.

Find a cause. Something you believe in that does good. That makes a change to a life. Just one life made better.

Something that builds better lives, something that educates, something that changes the perception and lives of others and our own lives for the better.

Something based on truth, and not lies.

Something bases on love not hate.

Something that takes fear, and replaces it with joy and understanding.

Evil triumphs when good people, do nothing.

So do something. Today I have new resolve, and will not be broken.