The USA has declared war on North Korea. 

Oh, the irony of the dictator state using the same childish weapon of crying unfair used against it leaps out. It is the kind of behaviour you witness is the school playground.  

But of course this is Trump’s way of working. It is ow he got to where he is today. Rich, obscene and unforgiving – people admire the money and the status more than the values that underpin them. Little do they realise he did in on their sweat and tears. “I want to be be more Trump!” 

If someone threaten to wipe you of the map, destroy your world – you would understand why that is pretty frightening. You can also understand in a world with no friends that building up defensive and retaliatory armoury is probably a good strategy. As the small bully boy in the playground North Korea’s Kim Jong-il is behaving just like Trump. This is a declaration of war just not via formal channels. 

They are both crying out that things are not fair. “Theirs is bigger Miss”. “I want to play with that toy”. “They have more sweets”. America to North Korea has exactly that – more of everything. 

And of course while this is going on, the other kids give up their sweets just for a bit if peace and quiet. Those other kids are us. 

We are in this void because this is how Trump operates. Bangs the table. Labels things as unfair without looking at the details – or more importantly deflecting people from the detail and ignoring things he doesn’t want to hear. Piling pressure on for results. Until… Until he gets what he wants. This method enables him to change direction very quickly on things, as it is very superficial (to him) and very loud (to us). As long as the next thing he says is louder – people follow the noise and the circus. 

What happened to this tax returns he never revealed? This business interested he never gave up? The nepotism that keeps on going? The same will happen with North Korea? 

Trump has taken things has far as he can. Pushed them further and further. The question is will the other kids in the playground pick-up the relationship and share their sweets as Trump walks away, bored with the conversation and ready to pick another fight with someone else he can bully for their pocket money? Or will North Korea try and give him a bloody nose? 

Sadly, in this one we are all forced to stand around and watch the playground fight – all in danger of getting more than a bloody nose. 

I just hope the teachers come along soon, oh hang on, America is the teacher!