I just read the most patronising peace of drivel about how start your morning really well. I am not sure what made it worse that it was in Forbes and I expect more – instead of following the click-bait masses on a downward spiral.

The offending article is this http://www.forbes.com/sites/kathryndill/2016/09/08/hack-your-morning-7-ways-to-get-the-day-off-to-a-great-start/2/#7c4ea67d1e9d

The little gems of prepare you clothes the day before, eat food with oats in a coffee for breakfast on the go, and my personal favourite download your PDFs do you can read while you commute (even underground). Seriously? Is this article meant for adults? Oh I forget one of the opening lines – bedtime time routines are not just for children.

For reference if anyone on the tube presses and umbrella into my spleen tell them to move it fast – I find that is the best way to avoid it and the associated health risks.

And capped off with “Hey! I work from home and none of this is relevant to me!” – thanks for that.

It’s not about not hitting snooze, or making sure you have something for breakfast – getting up early and having a great day at work is actually really simple – two in fact.

  1. Motivation
  2. Planning


Getting out of bed is motivation. Think about when you leap out of bed vs when you just want to stay there a little long. If you hate your job or do not want to go to a meeting.

There are a couple of motivators in life – the things that you want to do and love, and things you are scared of. It’s so much easier to spring out of bed when you love your job and people you work with, rather than being scared of the meeting with your boss at 8:30 who you have little respect for with a contact feeling of failing and being fired.

I have been in both situations and I got up early for both – one feels amazing, the other makes you feel worthless.

If you are somewhere in the middle, the job OK and boss OK place then find something you love about your job, or move on.

Of course if you find yourself in the later then I do suggest move on. Life is more important than working with or for people that empty your bucket. They are downward trajectories and you are worth so much more to yourself, your family and your friends.


You have plan and be strategic.

This is not about thinking day to day – and there is no magic bullet to changing your morning habits.

And if you are just getting up with enough time to scrape together some oats and coffee everyday then something really is wrong. Coffee isn’t that good for you – yes it gives you a temporary fix and buzz. I loved the stuff, and yes have one every now and again, but only when you really need one. Kick the caffeine habit – even if it’s just a “decaffe”. Your optimal performance is never high on caffeine.

What will give you optimal performance is planning.

You know what you day is going to look like, so schedule in time to make it work for you. Check your diary the day or week

I have also never hidden I like to go out and have fun (yes even on a school night) – so think ahead. If you are going out late, then make sure you build up your sleep beforehand and catch-up. And most important clear your diary for the morning after. You might be able to arrive to work on time but then facing a meeting with the boss at 8:30 is never a good plan.

Finally, loving you job is the most important thing. If you don’t love your job – no matter what you do, you’ll hate the morning. You have to find something you love about work – the job itself, or the people you work with, the building you work in, even the time away from your family, find something and get it to motivate you.

People will see you are happy, and happiness is infectious.