I never understood why I initially liked Teresa May. Was it because she was a Tory? Fact at the time I was too. But it was also because she came as across as balanced, structured, and process driven – May Bot indeed. Having an unstable leader is not something I value, least not the prime minister.Sadly, my love affair with Teresa ended at the first Conservation conference, when she did what ever politician does; a u-turn on her beliefs. I was done and my honeymoon with her was over.As a ardent remainer – strong in my belief collobation is the way forward. From tackling social issues, protecting rights, developing a strong economy through open trade, being able to compete with China and other growing economies, and of course climate change. Collobation spans age, race, gender, sexuality and country boarders – sadly it doesn’t span the UK. Divided and divisive.I was pleased the Theresa kicked the Brexit can down the road as far as she could, but an extra 6 months still isn’t far enough.The next conservative leader will need to deliver something. If it’s not exiting the EU, it will need to be unity – foremost to their party (get your own house in order) and then the country.All this in ssix months? The easy option is an unorderly Brexit, then leaving someone else to pick up the peices of a broken, divided country.I think it’s time to ready our life rafts, but just like the Titanic there isn’t enough of them. The lift rafts that are available provided to the privileged and wealthy first.