It’s hard to believe that The Jeremy Kyle show has been on air since 2005. Yesterday ITV finally announced the odious programme was never to return.

I remember watching it, enjoying it is disbelief and outrage. Not at the format and how he treated the people on the show. How could people live their lives like that? How superior I was to those jobless, hopeless losers – they deserved the ridicule. And JC was giving it to them. Yes!

“Booooo” to the lying, cheating boyfriend.

“Cheers” for the mother who finally confirmed the father of her child as the person she thought it was.

More heckling to the mother that beat her pregnant daughter.

Seriously, what a programme. It was awesome. Then something change.

I changed. I realised this wasn’t entertainment. It was simply ridiculing people. It wasn’t making thing better is was just making desperate people lives worse. I stopped watching it – actively discouraging people when I saw it one.

1 million viewers! Who are these people? Why can’t they see the misery they are encouraging by tuning in? 14 years of misery.

It’s called the Jeremy Kyle show because it’s his show. It’s not about the people who appear in the show. The wrecked lives are simply being destroyed more, like a modern day Roman Amphitheatre. It is a show that takes families and friends and makes things worse. It prays on the lower socially economically disadvantaged and kicks them in the teeth – the attention and ‘fame’ brings many back for more.

It’s entertainment for anyone who wants to looks down at the people. Because contestants is what they all are. Who can win and look the best in the eyes of the public. We should be making lives better, building resilience – why can’t we have more programmes like this?

Of course it’s was never the public who decides. Jeremy decided the winner, even before they turn up to the studio. The studio viewers pre-primed to like or dislike each person. I know people who went, and left, before the show even started because of the way the audiences was coerced before entering the studio. I’m proud the left (made up for them going in the first place).

This is not a programme of idiots, watched by idiots.

No. This was a program of desperate people taken advantage off by greedy producers, and watched (supported) by people who take pleasure in others suffering.

Good riddance JC – let’s hope this is a turning point in treating people on national television. It’s a shame a tragedy took place, it’s sad greedy productions companies have to stare reality face to understand the consequences to their actions.