It was a bold and brave move to put the UK to a referendum on the EU.

I have never hidden my desire for the UK to remain in the EU, and of course I respect the decision of the UK voting public. We are to leave the EU. The UK at the front, leading the charge. We need to knuckle down, focus and make sure Britain is Greater than before.

My paralysis has come to an end.

Reframing For Winners and Losers

I am enjoying reading “Black Box Thinking” by Matthew Syed. Whole sections dedicated to cognitive dissonance, with some fine examples of Tony Blair mentally reframing (or spinning) the WMD, or economist getting it wrong about quantitative easing – but still saying they will be right years later.

As a loser from the great referendum I am in the process of reframing how the UK will be greater outside the EU. Everyone who was a ‘remainer’ has to do this. Apart from being a natural healing process we do without even realising, we also have to do it consciously too. We have to reframe it so that we know it was the right decision – to ensure the economic and political success of the country, and ourselves.

Also I cannot help but comment on how the Brexiter have had to reframe their rhetoric. £350 million pounds saved was never promised, full control over immigration, the rise of the far right and racism (in fact every kind of ‘isum). Reframing these in way they can deal with the negative aspects of leaving the EU or what it will not bring, and the messaging they used to persuade or convince themselves is was the right decision.

Will The Second Mouse Get The Cheese?

We are without a doubt leaving – I do not believe, and neither will I now entertain any chance of a second referendum. I have moved on.

However, I cannot help but this that the second mouse will get the cheese. Well actually the 27 remaining member states who have not had a referendum, but several threaten too. After a reformed EU is created in the wake of the Brexit – and the new ones that join. Will they get a better deal for being in the EU due to our exit?

I hope the EU does not punish us for our decision, but it will certainly learn about keeping friends and allies happy and content. Reforming, changing rules, and I hope making it a better place for the people inside the EU. These changes could in fact not just help the existing EU members, but also the UK – that is my hope.

The Final Reframe – Lessons Learnt

As a population we must also learn that to change things effectively, we need to send your best people into action. Voting for UKIP MEPs to sit in the heart of the EU was never a wise choice – and listening to Farage’s embarrassing speech in European Parliament did not make me proud to be British.

In the negotiations over the next two years we have to send in our best people. Bright, intelligent people who have our best interests in their hearts and minds, and not people that simply want to make a noise and name for themselves and who’s ability to reframe their decisions to suit them is their greatest talent.