Friday 1st April was a big day for me. I only see the irony now of when I searched and added a long lost school friend on Facebook they might have thought it was a joke. Who are you?

I was having lunch with my Mum, when she said “do you remember your friend who use to make crisp sandwiches?”. Of course I did. He was one of my best friends at school in my later years. We lost touch after I started my first job and they went on to college – in those days there were no mobile phones or internet.

Over the years I had tried to search for them but to no avail.

I was seeing my Mum to make sure she made an important appointment, so I have a little time waiting for her – as her daughter it was hard to focus so that time I was waiting I tried to find him again on social media – bingo! The limited Facebook history I was sure it was the same person. I sent the friend request, about an hour later I got a acceptance.

Then the awkward “Hello”. We text chatted for a bit, obviously making sure it was the right person – past memories shared again like a secret code.

I was so pleased they said that they had also searched for me before too. I wasn’t the only weirdo. I also didn’t give them much chance of finding me either, but they understood.

I’m so pleased I found JJ again, and I hope over the coming weeks, months and year we can reconnect properly and find out what happened in all those missing year.

It was a great friendship that I remember very fondly.