A couple of years ago I worked with a woman (Louise) who took photos everyday, I know who doesn’t take the odd selfie?

But this was different, it was normally several photos – but she would share just one of these as her “Photo of the Day” – something meaningful for that day. I guess a little like a photo diary. Sometimes I was in these photos, as we worked together – which always made me feel special.

As my 48 years of life approaches, and this year being a special 20 year anniversary for me personally as a few days after my birthday was the first day I came out as LGBT to people beyond my family.

I had been thinking for a little while, actually since Louise had told me about her quest to share a significant photo each day, and how I might also do this. A few weeks ago it struck me. This year. This month (of August). This day. I would start.

So for 365 days, starting on 1st August 2021 (my birthday month), one meaningful photo each day – ideally a positive one, but who knows what the next year will unfold with for me.  

I’ll be posting the photo’s on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/therebeccafox/)- but I’ll also try to share some on Twitter and Facebook.

Look What You Could Have Won

As a taster of what might come ahead here is one photo from each month for the previous twelve months.

Aug 2020 – Visiting my Mum on a warm summers day, with my nephew in the background.
Sep 2020 -A weekend in York, it was a week before a five year relationship ended 🙁
Oct 2020 – My road trip to to Gloucestershire, Devon, Cornwall, Oxfordshire and Cambridgeshire.
Nov 2020 – Andy Burnham was having spats with Westminster of Tier 4. This is Manchester Street art.
Dec 2020 – French Onion soup that I vowed never to make again tasted amazing – but took ages and made my eyes water really bad.
Jan 2021 – My son self-isolated with me over Christmas and NYE. Why because I’d already had the virus! I love him so much.
Feb 2021 – I was my Mum’s first post lock-down visit, and she’d had her 2 jabs so we celebrated her 80’s birthday together.
Mar 2021 – After chatting to a woman online we finally got to meet and go a walk (more later).
Apr 2021 – Cooking with Cousins. My Canadian Cousin Hazel and I had regular Skype cooking sessions. That was lots of fun.
May 2021 – Hayley’s first visit to Home Sweet Home. Cake heaven. We ate too much of course.
Jun 2021 – A really great day seeing my son in is element with his tuned up Volvo V70 T5.
Jul 2021 – Who could forget the Euro’s with England getting to close in the Finals. Don’t mention penalties.